Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Yay! It's October My favorite month of the year! Fall foods, fall weather, Halloween, pumpkins, apples, leaves changing - I love it all.

Bummer that none of it really happens in Arizona. And let's be honest, drinking apple cider and munching on pumpkin muffins is not the same when it's still in the upper 90s. Plus it's kind of hard for leaves to change colors when I mostly see palm trees and cacti around.

And P.S., burning a leaf scented candle is not the same either.

But no matter, I still October. Plus my class is going on a field trip to a farm in a few weeks to go pumpkin picking. I'm hoping it'll be at least a bit cooler so I can pretend that it feels like fall. 

Anyways, with a new month brings a new Currently. I have missed the last few but no way would I miss October!

Listening: Full House may or may not be one of my favorite shows. And lucky me, it's on every night for a few hours. I still laugh quite frequently.

Loving: That Fall Break is so so so close! We have a full day of school tomorrow. On Thursday, the kids go home at 11:15, but we have parent-teacher conferences until 7:00! But it's all good since on Friday, we can leave at 11:15. Then it's hello Fall Break!

Thinking: Bedtime soon! We have been taking standardized testing today and yesterday and it is so exhausting. 

Wanting: Some new cute and comfy flats. I have plenty of sandals and lots of boots, but not too many flats that I can actually stand wearing all day.

Needing: A massage. That would feel oh so wonderful!

Trick or Treat! A Treat - I'd highly recommend Bath and Body Works candles. They are so great. And sometimes they have a deal two for twenty, which is a stellar deal since they are normally twenty dollars for one! I snagged two at the last sale =)

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