Friday, February 15, 2013


This week has been such a blur. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday were regular school days. 

But Thursday and Friday were both half days?

Can I mention how much I love half days? Especially when 45 minutes of our 3ish hour day is taken up by a special and we eat lunch at 10:20? Such a short and easy day! Just a little bit of math on graphs and one reading center so I could listen to my poetry club members read me their poems for the week. 

And then our Valentine's party!! The kids were so excited to pass out their cards and candy and have some Vday treats! So cute. And I got a ton of candy. I feel so loved but my wedding dress might not be too happy about all the candy that I have been/will be consuming!

Now, to be fair, we had a half day today to make up for yesterday when we had to stay at school until 7:00 for parent/teacher conferences. I actually really like P/T conferences because it's really nice to talk to parents. It can be a little rough at times. Especially since I feel like I'm too sweet sometimes. The achievement specialist says I need to toughen up and scare parents, which is hard for me to do. Of course the parents I really needed to speak to didn't show. Typical. And so annoying. 

Scary thing though - on Thursday, I had my first real lock down. Like, not a pretend/practice one. There was a shooting across the street from school so we were on a Level 2 Lockdown (Level 1 is for danger at our school, Level 2 is danger in the area, and Level 3 is practice). We had just gotten our lunches and were heading back to our room to eat when the announcement came on with a Level 2 Lockdown. I think my heart probably skipped a beat and thoughts of Sandy Hook flashed through my head as we hurried into our room. I didn't tell my kids that it was real because I didn't want to scare them although I was scared myself even though it wasn't directly at our school. Luckily it only last about 30 minutes. I definitely let out a sigh of relief when we got the all clear. 

So basically a blur of a week. Luckily, I have off on Monday too!! Yay!!

Happy belated Valentine's Day!!

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