Saturday, June 22, 2013

Some Things I'm Lovinnnnnn'

Today I am linking up with Katie over at Katie Did What for her Saturday series linky party.
Fiesta Bridal Shower!

Sooooooo....some things I am loving:

Parties: Last weekend was my wonderful fiesta-themed bridal shower and today was a dear friend's graduation party. I love catching up with people that I haven't seen in awhile. 

TV Show: So it's probably super silly, but one of my favorite things to do on a day off is snuggle under a blanket and watch Price Is Right. Basically it's not a sick/holiday/vacation day unless you watch PIR. I am so bad at the games though but my sister is so good. When we were younger, it was the highlight of a sick day to watch PIR. So needless to say, I have watched it every day this week.

Store: Etsy. I have ordered/looked for inspiration from Etsy so much in the wedding planning process. I ordered our guest book, and the bridesmaids gifts from Etsy and I am so pleased at what I've got. It's all so adorable! PS I just made chiffon flowers to wear in my wedding, and I semi-contemplating quitting my job to open a full-time Etsy shop (and by semi-contemplating, I mean wishful thinking).

Food: So I have been to two parties from this past Saturday to today and I have eaten way too much delicious food. But one thing that is, of course, at all parties is sheet cake. Like the big cakes you get from grocery stores that are one layer. Now, I love sheet cake. Almost more than any other cake, even homemade cake. If my parents hadn't insisted, I totally would have gotten sheet cake for my wedding. Something about it is just different than other cakes. And I love it!

Drink: So even though it is summertime, I am obsessed with drinking hot tea every morning. It's almost my favorite thing about the morning. And my dad is a tea-making guru. Basically, he makes the best tea. And it's soooo good. It's this tea that we accidentally discover when we were in Alaska two summers ago. It has a distinct flavor that is both sweet and savory and really hard to describe. But it's the best tea ever. The end. 

Makeup: Part of my favorite thing about not working is not wearing makeup. It's nice to let my face be free, especially since the wedding seems to be causing major breakouts. But one thing I must do is wear nail polish on my toes since I almost always wear sandals in the summer. And I love my signature color of neon pink. It's by Sinful Collections, it's like $3, and I think it's called 24/7. It's so bright, and it's a big pop of color for drab and dreary days. It's basically my fav and the only color I wear on my toes.


  1. Price Is Right is a comfort TV show for me too! I remember staying home sick and watching it - it's a little sentimental for me. :)

    I love not wearing make up in the summer! It is nice to give my skin a little break.

    1. We share the love of PIR, not wearing makeup and we share the same name?!
      I wonder how else we are the same? Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Oooh I love me some tea, also!! What's it called?? And I LOVE neon pink nail polish!! I'm actually going to be painting my toes neon pink tonight :) Great minds!

    Thanks for linking up with me, girl!!!


    1. It's called Samovar tea from a tiny shop in Anchorage called Kobuk. It's pretty much the best tea ever. Seriously. SO GOOD!

  3. What a cute fiesta shower! I love that idea!
    What type of wedding are you having?! Etsy was totally my best friend when I was getting married too! :)

    Kandis at

    1. My wedding is going to be outside (hopefully - weather permitting!) and then the reception is kind of shabby chic-ish. I don't really have a theme or anything. Thanks for stopping by!