Saturday, August 4, 2012

August Currently

Yay! My first Currently with Farley at Oh' Boy Fourth Grade with her monthly Currentlys...

Here is mine!

This past week was a whirlwind for me as I had time to work in my classroom and a few PDs thrown in for fun. Next Monday and Tuesday is all PD and grade level meetings, and then Wednesday is THE DAY aka the first day of school aka everything I've worked for and wanted for the past five years! So exciting yet so nerve wracking. I attempted to make a teacher binder today, but all I got done was hole punching some Common Core things and putting them in. I'll have to work more on that tomorrow...


  1. I found your blog via Farley's Linky! Congrats on your first job! It's so exciting to be a newbie! I can't wait to hear about all of your adventures!

    A Pirates Life for Us

  2. I found your blog through the Linky! Congrats on your first job! Your lucky your classroom is almost set up. I haven't even started. I am your newest follower. I would love for you to stop by my blog some day. Good luck!

    Mrs.G's Kindergarten in Heels

  3. Thank you both for stopping by! I'm on my way to your blogs too!
    Liz :)

  4. YAY for first year teachers!!! I thought I had found a fellow Texas teacher for a second, but I guess phoenix is still kinda in the valley. congrats on all the new life events going on, best of luck to ya!!

    Challenges Make Life Interesting

  5. Hi Liz!!! Congratulations on your teaching job! :) I just finished my first year of teaching and I'm gearing up for year two. I teach second grade and *love* it. My biggest piece of advice to you for your first year is PRIORITIZE, PRIORITIZE, PRIORITIZE. There will be a never-ending list of things to do, but just make sure you're keeping your goals in mind. Don't knock yourself out to get something done if it isn't something that helps to accomplish a goal. (Pinterest is a wonderful tool for teachers, but don't feel the need to create every single thing you find on there for your first year... you'll go crazy ;)

    Excited to follow along with you on this journey <3

    Kristin @

  6. Congratulations on your first job! I really need to work on my Teacher Binder too...I need to buckle down! I found your blog through the linky...I'm a new follower!

    Craft of Teaching