Sunday, November 4, 2012

November Currently

Yikes already November?! When did this happen? And it's second quarter?! Again, when did this happen? I seriously cannot believe how quickly this year is just zipping right along. And I know that it will continue in just that way. So crazy!! Anyways, since it's now November, that means it's Currently time with Farley from Oh' Boy 4th Grade.

Evan is hard at work on his proposal for grad school so he needs music to keep him going. And of course, most of it isn't my style, but that's ok since the prospect of going to IKEA hinges on how much he gets done! And the reason I want to go to IKEA is because I need a desk. Between two laptops (one work laptop and my personal laptop), papers galore, cute markers and all things teachery, the coffee table just isn't cutting it anymore. I found one that I like that has little shelves so I could get a few baskets to hold wayward things so it will look lovely. 

And that creepy cackle? Since the weather is finally starting to cool off, we keep our apartment door open a lot more, using just the screen to get some fresh air in here. Anyways, as I was typing, someone uttered the weirdest laugh ever. So creepy!!

And what teacher doesn't need time to work in their room?? With two meetings every week, which is now switching to three, I don't have a lot of time to be in my room and organize. Plus, being a new teacher, there is so much stuff that was in the room from the teacher before me, that I haven't had much time to go through and even see what's there! I could something amazing and not even know it!!

As for music in the classroom, I usually don't play any. Maybe I will start though just to see how it goes. If I did, I'd probably play something without lyrics so they couldn't sing along.

Hopefully I can start blogging more frequently. Honestly, the real reason I don't write much is because I always forget to take pictures of what we're doing. I need to start doing that more often, but for real, how do you all do it?!

PS - I have my first Donor's Choose project out there so I'm really excited! I hope it gets funded since my kids absolutely adore Mo Willems books!! Plus, pretty sure with the code INSPIRE, it doubles the amount!!! Spread the word please :)


  1. Thanks for stopping by! I'm wanted a massage too! I might just have to treat myself sometime soon! And when did it become second quarter? Time flies! Happy to be your newest follower!
    The Connected Teacher

  2. I never used to play music in my classroom and then I started just during writing time. I turn off one light, put on a classical music CD {or Pandora channel} and it helps my kids remember to chill and work quietly. Now I use Pandora lot. I have "fun music" on when they come in and sometimes {like on a Friday} if they're doing a really great job working I'll put their fun music on again. They love it. And it's a nice break for me, too, to hear them singing along instead of arguing over the crayon bucket!! ;)

    Little Miss Glamour Goes to Kindergarten

  3. Oh! And I forgot to say...I take pictures with my phone which makes it easier than having to remember to bring my camera to school. "I wonder who's doing a super great job that I can take a picture of..." helps them get focused, too. :) Hope that helps!

    Little Miss Glamour Goes to Kindergarten

  4. I have always played music in my room, different types for different reasons. I also have always told my students that I am a Broadway reject and that is why we have to listen to musicals most of the time. They think I sing beautifully (oh the innocence of 6 year olds), but I know better. My family also knows better... I enjoyed reading your currently, have a happy November!

  5. Hiya Liz! I just love IKea!
    We are building a new house & hoping to be in there by December...Ikea is on my list for new furniture :)

    I'm your newest follower!