Monday, December 31, 2012

January Currently?!

January already?! I feel like I say this every month but how did this happen?! Where has the time gone?! But that means it's time for another Currently from  Farley at Oh' Boy Fourth Grade!

Evan and I have been doing heaps of wedding planning since we got back from Phoenix - like marathon planning. And he was talking to our wonderful friend Sam to ask him to be an usher at our wedding. Which makes me oh so happy! Although I feel like no one would ever say no to being in a wedding, but I always get so excited and grateful whenever someone says yes!

And I am loving that I am in Wisconsin, especially because I have reached The Point. The time when I have realized that I am officially over Phoenix and ready to return back to Wisconsin. Like when you go on vacation and no matter how wonderful or fabulous or beautiful it is, you just reach that point when you know that it's time to go, and although it'll be sad to leave, you're ready. Unfortunately, that's not a choice and I have to go back on Friday. Wah. Which definitely leads into what I am thinking about and how I do not want to go back to reality.

But what I do want is a smoothie. For some reason, I equate them with New Year's Eve even though I'm unsure if I have ever had a smoothie on New Year's Eve. But every year, I always want one and never have one. Perhaps next year...

I think the only downside about Wisconsin is the lack of my wonderful pillow. I have the best pillow ever - it's memory foam and so perfect and it's in Phoenix. Which has caused terrible pain in my back and neck. I just need a massage.

But my OLW is thankful. I picked it to remind me that even though I feel that lots of things don't go as planned, I have a lot to be thankful for. I have a job. Not everyone can say that. I have a wonderful fiance who loves me. I have a great family who supports me. I have an adorable dog who thinks I'm the greatest. I have a roof over my head and lots of food to eat. I have the ability to get in my car and go (almost) wherever my heart desires. I have lots of great memories of the past and a bright future. So I need to try really hard to keep all that in perspective.

Happy New Year everyone! And bring it on 2013!


  1. You are so dang awesome! We should be blogger friends :) I love your "needing" so much that I might go change mine to the same thing! Enjoy Wisconsin while you can and don't even think about reality until you absolutely have to. Good luck with the wedding plans!

  2. Wisconsin is wonderful. It isn't as nice as Michigan, but close!! It sounds like 2013 will be fabulous!
    Owl Things First

  3. Oh gosh a massage, wouldn't that be great:) I've never been to Wisconsin, but I have a few blogger friends from there and it sounds like a great place. I wish you all the best with your wedding plans.

  4. Hello!
    I got married a year and a half ago and absolutely LOVED the process! We had such a great time planning and starting off our life together - and it's been better and better everyday! Enjoy the months before the big day - they're special and won't come again!
    I love smoothies too - and now you've whet my appetite for one. I wonder if any good smoothie shops are open on New Years Day...

    Joy in the Journey