Wednesday, January 2, 2013

What's Ahead for 2013

I'm linking up with Michelle at Making it as a Middle School Teacher for her fun linky party - What's Ahead for 2013.

Here is what's ahead for me!!!

Professional Read - I got Work Hard, Be Nice for Christmas. It's written by Jay Mathews. It's about the two teachers who founded the KIPP schools so I'm hoping to get some inspiration from the book. 

Personal read - I couldn't pick just one so I made it my goal to just read more. I feel like I haven't read for fun in ages and I need to start again.

Professional Development - My district offers free classes that count as clock hours. When we reach 15 clock hours, we get a pay increase. So I might as well take advantage of these free classes to better my teaching.

Favorite Upcoming Lesson - Guided Reading in general is one of my favorites. I love seeing my students get better and better with each passing week. And the other teachers have said that our kiddos really grow in February/March so I'm looking forward to it!

Life Event - Oh, just getting married in 6 months. I'm super excited!!! :D

Classroom Must Have - I have been hoarding/saving/collecting children's books for about three years, and I probably have about 500 or so. I use them all the time - for read alouds, for centers, for when I have about 5 minutes of down time, etc. My kiddos love them!

Blog Goal - Just. Blog. More.

Classroom Must Go - I have no idea how it happened, but I have so much paper. And my filing cabinet has no organization to it whatsoever. Basically, a recipe for disaster

Vacation - our unplanned honeymoon! Where it is, no one knows yet - not even me. We haven't really started planning it yet; we've just talked about possible places briefly. We need to get going on that though!

Favorite School Wide Event - Every quarter (I think?), my school does awards assemblies. Students who were Student of the Month, had perfect attendance, or had excellent behavior get awards and their parents are invited and it's really adorable and they love it!

Technology Focus - So I have an Activboard that I rarely use, mainly because I don't really know how. I need to figure out everything it can do though since it's such a wonderful resource!

Personal Goal - Embrace Phoenix life means that I need to stop moping and get out and do things! I'm hoping to take an art class and finally find a church home. No more church shopping! And hopefully start to make friends outside of school.

Professional Goal - Start seriously considering master's programs. I want to get started soon so it won't be too hard to start back up. I just need to find a program and a school and figure out if/how it will transfer when we no longer live in Arizona. So much to do!!

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  1. Congrats on your upcoming wedding!!!
    your newest follower,
    Hodges Herald

  2. You had me at "Phoenix Life"!! I'm all about rising above it all! Congrats on your upcoming wedding!