Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Poetry Club Members Only

So today was the first day of poetry club for seven of my first graders. These kiddos are reading at grade level but they aren't reading very quickly. So with some tips from my assistant principal, I have launched poetry club today! Poetry club is (hopefully) going to increase my kiddos' reading fluency, both reading speed and less robot-reading. 

So the first thing we did is made poetry folders. Nothing fancy - they got to pick what color folder they wanted and write their names on it with a marker. 

Now the real work of poetry club. 

I gave each of them a copy of the poem and we read it multiple times.
1. I read it to them while they tracked with their fingers.
2. We all read together.
3. The students read to together.
4. I listened to each child read while the others practiced. 

So the bulk of poetry club happens at home. It's the student's job to read the poem at home to anyone that will listen - like mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, aunt, uncle, friend, brother, sister, cousin, neighbor, ANYONE!! And that person has to sign and date a sheet that says that the student read it.

And in order to inspire the students to do that, a little bribe of candy never hurt right? The student that reads it the most will get a special reward. I was thinking a juice box and a lollipop. 

Also, during centers, these students must pull out their poetry folder and practice reading their poem. Then, on Friday, I will have them read it to me to see if they have achieved mastery.

I'm a little worried about students not doing it at home. But hopefully the prospect of juice and candy increased fluency will get them to do it!

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