Thursday, March 21, 2013

Crazy Days

Am I lucky or what? Every day when I pick up my kids from recess, I am showered with these little yellow flowers. 

I definitely feel loved when I get handfulls of flowers from my little darlings.

But today was definitely a crazy kind of day.
Like get me outta here crazy.

For starters, I got a new students today. A sweet little girl who seems to fit right in to the group. 
But that was just oh so exciting because it's been about a month since we've gotten a new friend. 
And let me tell - you'd think they won the lottery. And it only got crazier from there. 
Because it was school picture day.
And that means free dress day.

And no one bothered to tell me that half of my hair was bunched into my scarf and the other half was free-flowing. So I look like I have an awkward asymmetrical hair cut. 

Luckily, school ends at 1:15 on Thursdays (instead of 2:30) for professional development. But since report cards are due on Monday, we had a teacher work day.
Oh my, such a wonderful thing. I got heaps of things done! And I didn't even talk to anyone (that much).

And tomorrow is Friday! Thank goodness. Even though I just got back from Spring Break, I feel like it never existed.


  1. Such sweet flowers! :) Do you work at a public or private school? I was wondering if the parents liked the students getting out early one time a week. That was recently brought up at one of our meetings as a possibility (I teach at a private school).

    1. I work at a public school and I haven't really heard anyone complain about it. I guess maybe the parents who have children in daycare might not like it as much since they have to pay more for that, but it's so nice to have a short day on Thursday!