Sunday, March 3, 2013


Yay March! Spring Break Month-My Birthday Month-Spring Month! I love March. And since it is the beginning of March, that means it's time for Currently!

So since it's basically never winter not a real winter doesn't get cold here, Evan and I have been able to keep our door open letting in fresh air from outside. And we get to hear birds chirping outside at all times of the year (well I'm assuming so at least since I haven't been here a year. Maybe when it's 64732842378 degrees out, they don't chirp?)

Spring Break Is. So. Close. Like in a week close. And I'm going to Wisconsin! Yay!! But, state testing is between me and my break. Dragsville USA. I hate state testing. Which brings me to my needing part. My district tests my poor babies on two state tests. AIMS and Galileo. AIMS is for reading fluency and Galileo is for everything. For AIMS, they are tested three times a year, and since my kiddos are young, it goes pretty quick. I think the older kids have to do it for like 2 weeks but my kids just have a day of it. For Galileo, they are tested five times a year. FIVE! Each time takes a whole week plus we are required to do a week of test prep aka practice tests and questions the week before. Which equals to 9 weeks of wasted instruction time! (The first test is like the second week of school so no test prep). NINE!!! And people are on our cases about cramming things into our 15 minute breakfast time? I think not. So annoying. I feel like Arizona's rank in education would improve if they let teachers teach instead of test. Soapbox over now.

In other news, since it is March, that means Shamrock Shakes are back! Yummy minty goodness that is so good only because it's for limited time every year. I always get sucked in though. 

My like is loopholes. Which is kinda random, but I love beating the system. Especially when that system has silly rules. 
My love is laughter since it can fix pretty much anything. It can fix a sad day, an awkward situation, an angry moment, etc. etc. etc. I love laughing. 
And my hatred is lettuce. I remember being in highschool, and reading magazines with 602 Dating Tip from Guys, and there would always be a tip about not ordering salad since guys like it when girls eat real food. And I always thought to myself that that would never be a problem since salads are yuck. Except a casear salad. I like those. 

This week's agenda = state testing for four days and then a who knows day for Friday. Probably some St Patrick's Day things, some centers, some catch up on my own 736 classroom assessments I have to do. Go link up at Oh' Boy Fourth Grade!


  1. Just found your blog through the linky! My husband is about to go back from Phoenix (tomorrow - yay) and I've been pushing him to move there. I think when he comes back to the 40 degree weather in GA he *may* finally change his mind!

  2. Oh my gosh - I love your Currently!! I'm so with you on the testing... the "powers that be" always preach about wasted instructional time, but then we have to test out the wazoo. We do AIMSweb testing 3 times a year, and it takes at least a week to do my whole class. I can't imagine adding that Galileo to it. Wow!!

    First Grade Fairytales

  3. I'm crackin' up about the loopholes! Just found your blog. Can't wait to look around!
    Funky First Grade Fun